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Who are Sowedane? What can you do for my business?

Sowedane is a specialist bespoke web design and development company as old as the Internet itself. Today, we have over 600 clients and host 1400 websites. We’ve provided end-to-end web design services and built innovative ecommerce sites, software and more for names big and small.

We have the SAP Capabilities, from architecture to management and delivery, we’ve got the skills and experience to help you make your SAP solution strong, secure and future proof. SOWEDANE understand the SAP Products.

We’re reputable, well-established and approachable. And, with our positive, no-jargon approach to business partnerships, we’re different. We embody the idea of affordable quality – the kind of work you might expect from corporate company, but without the price tag.

We’ll ensure you get the most from the Internet.

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SAP Consulting
Full Lifecycle SAP Support

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Just when you think you've got the Internet nailed, all the rules change. At Sowedane, we have the resources and experience to keep you and your website bang up to date. If it's all too much for you, we're right here


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Online Marketing

Looking for a tailored online marketing strategy for your business? Speak to our Analyst today.

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