Interaction with clients

Sowedane one key responsibility is to ensure that the clients is taken into consideration at all times, in all departments, and in all major decisions.

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You have a vision we have a great way to get you there

What you need? When you need? How you want us to make it?

We work until we fulfil your requirement

Software Requirement Specifications

We use industry standard techniques to illustrate our understanding of your requirements. All our engineers are adept in using all types of UML diagrams. We create use cases, flow charts, state charts, sequence diagrams etc frequently during all phases of software development but heavily in specification document.

Design Prototype

You entrust us with your strategically important applications and we make sure that design of these applications are according to your needs. Whether you are a technically savvy client or a complete business oriented company, we will make sure that we communicate and include you in application design.


Most software developers assume too much and create a solution missing the mark or totally opposite the initial and basic requirement our Account Managers will make sure that as project unfolds and unknowns are discovered, we communicate properly to clients and do not make important decisions based on our assumptions.

Project Status

How can you know the true status of the project?
What if I get notified of delay in project delivery few weeks before the launch of a 12 month long project? We understand all these fears. We have been there and know these issues.
With Sowedane, you will get a detailed WBS, Work Breakdown Structure, (the effort estimate) and a project schedule (delivery estimate) tied with WBS right after requirement specifications are finalized.
We will be sending a weekly status report with details of how long was estimated for the task and how long it actually took. You will know as project progresses, how the project unfolds. There are no mysteries, no hidden crazy schedules and no surprises. You will know about project status as much/less you want. We make sure that we communicate effectively and well in advance so you know project directions.
We provide an online service for our long term projects and a minimum 6 month project where our clients can have an update on their project 24√ó7 with provided client log-in details.
We also provide customer support service both on email and via telephone

Team Interaction

We follow simple and easy methods of communication so that the project work goes as per and according to the clients requirement. We allocate a dedicated team which consist the required designers and developers based on preferred technology for project completion. We provide a project manager for maintaining communication at all levels. Project Managers will also make sure that the project does not deviate from the original requirement and the client is updated at all times.

Project Completion

With all these measures for communication we make sure that: We develop your application based on your vision. You know where we are at every stage of development.

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