Android is a mobile operating system developed in private by Googleuntil the latest changes and updates are ready to be released and then the source code is made public.

At first, android was dedicated just to mobile phones, but now they started to develop every kind of technology, from smart watches and TVs, to cars and kitchen objects. It was proven that Android can run on all the objects with a microprocessor.

Android is upgraded every six to nine months by Google, in order to assure that all the bugs get fixed and all the problems get solved.

There is also a community of developers who use the open source code to modify the original system the way they like; and these modifications very often solve bugs faster than the official channels.

This community also supports the older devices with updates and changes the operating system of mobiles from another to Android.

The primary language of the Android system is Java; this is indeed a disadvantage of android, because you are obliged to learn this language in order to build every kind of app.

Android is a big development platform where powerful apps can be built, for example developers can create location-aware apps by accessing the GPS on the devices.

Moreover the apps created by Android developers can be used either with the touch screen or with a keyboard so that they can be used on different types of devices.

All the Android devices are under the control of American and British intelligence agencies, which have access to data, texts and calls.

Another disadvantage of android is its abundance of security threats, which are growing exponentially: many viruses and ads are very intrusive on the devices so be careful.