Angular is a leading Javascript framework developed and supported by Google. It extends HTML to add powerful dynamic features in a flexible way. It enables us to create flexible single page rapidly and effectively.

AngularJS can be used to create applications similar like Gmail, Google Analytics, Real Time Applications, and more.

Amazon, Paypal, Walmart all use Angular JS. It is hugely extensible and has a vast library of modules and components. It is the ideal framework to build and support single page applications.

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What are the advantages of Angular JS Development?

The first point is the community. Angular is designed to be highly extensible. The Angular community produces high quality libraries and modules.

This means that you don’t lose any time to solve the problems.

Functional and unit testing is vital to produce reliable applications. Angular has been built tools to make every step of the process easier and less error-prone. This is a second advantage of Angular JS Development.

A big plus for Angular is the separation of view and logic. Angular separates the data and logic from the details of how it is displayed. This allows each to change independently without breaking the other.

But there are also disadvantages. For example, confusion. There are multiple ways to do the same thing with AngularJS. Sometimes it is difficult for beginner to see which way is more simple.

For programmer it is very important to understand the various components and how they help. But Hire Angular JS Developers can help you.